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Jacob Schmitt - Empowering the Imprisoned: A Journey of Love

Episode Summary

Jacob Ivan Schmitt has spent more than three decades in so-called correctional institutions. But nothing was being done to correct to his path, his past, his childhood traumas, his thinking. After his last failed, though heartfelt attempt at reentry and assimilation, he realized that if real change was going to happen, it would have to begin with himself figuring out and accessing the means to bring those changes to maturity. He now brings positive, problem-solving insights and leadership to building support networks on the inside and the outside for ensuring successful preparations for reentry, and community reintegration after reentry. Please join us as he offers his origin story, testifies to the power of loving and dreaming large, and talks about lockdown under pandemic 2020, and the need for autonomy and connection for our hidden and discarded prison populations.

Episode Notes

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